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about us

Different circumstances brought us together at different times, in different places …

Each of us has acquired valuable knowledge and experience in the course of our careers.

Mutual empathy in business meetings was transformed into private exchanges …

In time, challenges arose … and were slowly met.

A decision was made to follow a common path in working relationships and with mutual respect.

We were not afraid to change our lives, form new relationships and offer our experience and engagement to our new company.


OUR team

Klára Laiblová

office manager

Petr Jeneš

partner CEO

monika tůmová

financial and project management

our services

Real estate projects

Across the wide range of activities included in the real estate business, we deal in business transactions, property valuation, advisory services and financing.

Crises controlling

Negative phenomena and events occur in the lifecycle of any company.

Crises should be resolved quickly and effectively across interconnected areas – economic, personnel, organisational and others.

Investment projects

Every important investment project needs financial resources to allow for its implementation.

Our goal is to assure a financing structure, based on banks or private investors, for the benefit of further business progress.


Restructuring should not be perceived as a mere crisis management tool.

Timely detection of causes and the adoption of appropriate measures may preserve the value of a business, or even increase its effectiveness and profitability.

Reporting controlling

Owners know their companies’ statutory earnings, especially on the basis of past data.

Structuring of these data and their presentation in timelines shows the company in context.

In the current dynamic environment, owners are increasingly interested in an insight into the future, the identification of weak points and a definition of opportunities.

Mergersand acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions and company sales are always complex processes, beginning with the identification of opportunities and assessment of selected subjects, continuing with management of the whole transaction and negotiations with stakeholders.

These usually include consultancy on the selection of financial acquisition, and end in coordination of the transaction documentation.


MEI Company a.s.

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       Czech Republic

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